Our days are divided between Secular and Jewish studies and we still maintain our excellent academic standards in all aspects of the curriculum.


We follow the National Curriculum and we go beyond it. Each day two lessons are dedicated to Literacy and Numeracy. Throughout the year children have the opportunity to study Science, History, Geography, ICT, PSHE, Citizenship, Art, Music and P.E.  In addition, in Key Stage 2 the children learn French as a second language.  We encourage links between subjects to show their interdependence. We aim to compliment and reinforce the children’s’ learning through experiential teaching and taking them on trips related to topics that they are studying in class. We have a wide ranging reading scheme and dedicated group reading lessons, we encourage a phonetic approach to reading in the early years and throughout KS1.

In order to create children who are aware of others and the importance of respect and tolerance, we also teach about other people’s religions and customs. Our school curriculum aims to prepare all our pupils for life in multiracial, multicultural Britain and to provide them with the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding for growing up with confidence in a happy and caring environment.  

Kodesh and Ivrit

Kodesh is central to the curriculum at NRPS and we aim to ensure that our children have a solid foundation in all areas of Jewish knowledge. We believe it is of utmost importance that children develop a love of Judaism and a strong commitment to Torah and Mitzvot.

Levels of Jewish learning reflect the children’s age and ability - as children progress through the school they learn Davening, Parshah, Chumash, Rashi, Mishnah, Gemarah, Dinim, Chachamim and Jewish History. 

Modern Hebrew (Ivrit) is taught as a second language at NRPS. Children begin learning Aleph Bet and start reading Hebrew in Kindergarten. Hebrew reading and comprehension is continually practiced throughout the school years.